Experts Press | Revolutionizing Today's Traditional Publishing Dynamic
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Our Mission

Experts Press is committed to penetrating the market with top tier publications on business, sales, leadership, personal development, spirituality, health, wellness, and finance. Our authors are amongst the top experts in their respective industries and through our industry-leading support reach new heights with their book success.

The newly founded Experts Press team is comprised of publishing, marketing, and branding experts from mega-bestselling authors and publishing houses including:

Anthony Robbins

3 of the Experts Featured in The Secret

Industry Leading Real Estate & Business Speakers

Chicken Soup for the Soul Authors


EXPERTS PRESS provides the following highlighted terms to our authors:

  • Traditional Publishing Structure (no up-front investment from the author)
  • 12% royalty on retail sales
  • 55% discount on author copy purchases
  • Custom editions for bulk corporate buyers
  • 120 day PR Campaign including 30 day Pre-Sale Campaign
  • Foreign Rights Promotion to over 50 Markets Globally


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